Inoxfrost will not dilute your drink

Inoxfrost ice cubes don’t alter any property of your drink preserving its flavor.

Total hygiene

They can be washed like any other piece of cutlery. Moreover, they don’t have the risk of microbes seen in conventional ice cubes.

They don’t float and your drink stays cool

Thanks to their density, these ice cubes don’t float, so they don’t bother while drinking. They also maintain the cold longer than ice and they don’t form blocks.

Unlimited life

They are made with the same stainless steel as the best cutlery.


They save water compared to using ice cubes systematically plus they have an unlimited life.


They can be laser engraved for you.




For home or the hospitality and food industry. You’ll have a designer object, handy and convenient for cooling your drinks.

It makes a great gift.

In the health sector they are ideal for thermotherapy, for organ transportation and to relieve pain and contusions used either cold or hot.


Inoxfrost ice cubes are easy to use; they just need to be frozen for at least 90 minutes to reach their ideal temperature. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher and simply stored in the freezer every time.

If the drink is at room temperature, we recommend 1 or 2 ice cubes for wine and coffee, 4 for water, juice and drinks and between 3 and 5 for liqueurs and beer. The number of ice cubes required depends on the initial temperature of the drink or on whether you want to maintain its freshness. For example, for a cup of cold champagne that you want to drink slowly, you just need one ice cube.